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1 USD = 1.0539 EUR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which currency pairs are available for conversion?

Our website has 152 world currencies available for conversion online. You can find the most popular currencies for conversion in the main menu.

What are the sources of information about currency exchange rates?

These are currency exchange rates based on information officially published by the bank.

What do the exchange rates for today depend on?

Exchange rates online for buying and selling currency can vary significantly, as each bank sets and changes rates based on the following factors: Currency speculation, Consumer interest in the currency, Central Bank policy, the economic indicators of the country. Currency quotes are updated every day in automatic mode, so you can always find the latest exchange rates today.

Can I see the history of exchange rates?

Yes, on the pages with the currency converter, our site provides convenient charts with historical data for different time periods.

How can I find out the cryptocurrency rates for today?

Cryptocurrency exchange rates is a tool from for analyzing changes in exchange rates on exchanges. Our site provides the latest and most relevant cryptocurrency exchange rates for today in real time. Data is collected from the most popular exchanges and displayed on our site.

How accurate is the data on exchange rates for today and for tomorrow?

At you can find the current exchange rates of the US banks for today and for tomorrow. We monitor exchange rates hourly and automatically update them on the site. Always stay updated with the latest exchange rates and find the best rates at all U.S. banks. Please note that the forecast is for information purposes only and is not accurate.